Our urban underlay offers the best quality, performance, and consistency. Our underlay complies with New Zealand industry standards, all testing done independently by the New Zealand Wool Testing Authori.

We manufacture our underlay with recycled scrap from leading mattress manufacturers. The foam is carefully selected and heat bonded to ensure that the underlay has no bacteria. This foam then receives a mesh laminated layer to offer the best performance and stability.


Our underlay is made of recycled material and also is 100% recyclable. We aim to reduce negative effects on the environment by helping in reducing landfills.

Acoustic Insulation

Getting annoyed by noises traveling between floors? Urban underlay provides adequate acoustic insulation to dampen the sounds of footsteps, talking, or furniture shifting.

Comfort and Softness

Urban underlay provides cushioning that makes it comfortable to walk on the floor. It’s lightly padded that’s perfect for adults as well as babies. Also, our underlay increases the longevity of your carpet.

Clean Air

Our underlay has low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and promote healthy indoor air quality. Our products are tested by CETEC, comply with green building council of Australia.

Thermal Insulation

Coming Soon!


By combining your flooring with a urban underlay, you can be confident that it will keep performing for many years to come. All our products are backed by the Urban Guarantee which is our promise that your new carpet or hard flooring will be supported for its lifetime.”

Metal/Chemical Free

Our underlays are free of metals and chemicals and are tested by SGS to ensure that the foam is completely free from lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent, PBB, and other harmful substances.

Urban Classic

This medium density underlay offers an affordable solution for daily use. Experience underfoot comfort with high performance with our Urban Classic underlay.

Thickness 10mm
Density 90kg/m3
Roll Size 18 m2

Urban Luxury Plus

Our Luxury Plus range offers the perfect balance between thickness and density. This plush underlay comes with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Take luxury to another level by getting exceptional performance and comfort.

Thickness 11mm
Density 105kg/m3
Roll Size 18 m2

Urban Acoustic

For outstanding sound insulation, try our Urban Acoustic underlay. It is also a great thermal insulator and keeps your home toasty in chilly winter months. It’s ideal for an apartment or a multi-storeyed house.

Thickness 12mm
Density 120kg/m3
Roll Size 18 m2

Urban Supreme

The ultimate in luxury, Urban Supreme is designed for those people who want just the best. An extremely popular product in our underlay range, it is designed for lavish comfort. Durable, thermal/acoustic insulating, and very, very cosy – this product wins the hearts of many.

Thickness 11mm
Density 130kg/m3
Roll Size 18 m2